Top 100 NGO’s by The Global Journal

“Recognizing the significant role of NGOs as influential agents of change on a global scale, The Global Journal has sought to move beyond outdated clichés and narrow conceptions about what an NGO is and does. From humanitarian relief to the environment, public health to education, microfinance to intellectual property, NGOs are increasingly at the forefront of developments shaping the lives of millions of people around the world.”

PIH, Medecins Sans Frontieres and PATH (it’s home-base is right here in Seattle)  are in the top 10. Awesome! Here is the full top 10 list. See link for full 100.

#01 – Wikimedia Foundation

#02 – Partners in Health

#03 – Oxfam

#04 – BRAC

#05 -International Rescue Committee

#06 – PATH


#08 – Medecins Sans Frontieres

#09 – Danish Refugee Council

#10 – Ushahidi

“For Partners In Health, it is not enough just to offer free medical services. They have found through their tireless commitment to serving the poor that the proliferation of illness needs to be addressed at the root causes of poverty. A range of barriers can exist to prevent someone from seeking medical care – distance, social stigma or a lack of information to name a few. Paramount to their success is the engagement of community health workers. Partners In Health hires and trains local workers to assist patients through treatment, monitor their needs for food, water and housing, provide health education and deliver care and medicine to their homes. All patients being treated for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis are paired with a worker at the outset of their diagnosis. The high quality treatment and daily visits of community health workers have significantly lengthened the lifespan of patients.”

“For over two decades, Partners In Health has transformed conventional thinking on health care among the world’s poorest populations. Their proven sincerity towards the “whatever it takes” philosophy and their holistic approach to health care has sparked national and international commitments to fighting infectious disease worldwide.”

Non Profits using Facebook Timelines

An example of Best Friends Animal Society’s Facebook Timeline Cover page. Source here

Considering the mandatory roll-out of Facebook Timelines to all pages on March 30th, I thought I’d share this cool resource.

I came across Nonprofit Tech 2.0 blog a couple of months ago. It was created and is managed by Heather Mansfield, a pioneer in utilizing social media for the nonprofit sector. She has fifteen years of experience utilizing the Internet for fundraising, community building, and advocacy. To date, she’s presented more than 100 social media and mobile technology trainings throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia as well as over 500 webinars to audiences worldwide. More on her Bio here.

She wrote a post earlier this month detailing her choice of the 11 best and most inspiring Non-Profit Facebook Timelines she has come across, which includes, Amnesty International, International Rescue committee and many more organisations doing amazing work.

Another interesting post, demonstrates a step-by-step guide to custom design your Non-Profit’s Facebook Timeline profile. According to her blog post, it definitely entails a lot more than just uploading a profile picture.

Read her guidelines here. 

She is also the author of  Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits, which I would love to get my hands on! 

Enjoy using social media strategies to promote your non-profit effectively and to raise awareness about your mission!