2010: A short 2-minute video clip promoting Rheumatic Heart Disease and the work of the Stop RHD A.S.A.P. Program, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Produced in collaboration with Mark Engel, Project Manager of the Stop RHD A.S.A.P Program.

2010: A 1-minute preview of a short documentary film , Sore Throat Can Lead to a Broken Heart, promoting the importance of treating strep throat, being aware of signs and symptoms of Acute Rheumatic Fever, and preventing Rheumatic Heart Disease. The film tells the individual stories of four adolescents, and their personal experiences with living with Rheumatic Heart Disease. One, of whom is currently receiving Penicillin to help prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease and possible valve replacement surgery.

The short film is the first of it’s kind in South Africa and in the continent of Africa. This project was a close collaboration between The Stop RHD A.S.A.P. Program and Urban Soul, a Film Production and Communications company.

It was Filmed and produced in Cape Town, South Africa.

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