Dreaming up dreams

I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming and a lot of praying recently about this year, and I’ve started re-reading this little gem of a book – ‘A recipe for dreaming’ by Bryce Courtney. Find it here on Amazon.
It’s a 1 poem-a-page kind of book, which is great since I’m reading quite a bit at the moment.. So I thought I’d share this one with you.

“Go where you’ve never been before. Dream up a destination, a path to follow, a wildest unknown way, over rocks and scrag, across high hills where the winds bite cold with malice, through deep mysterious valleys where the wild things roar and echo and rumble and stamp and hiss great clouds of steam from their terrible huffing ways.

Dream the impossible dream and start walking towards it.

On the way you’ll be beaten up, chewed, spat out, mauled, ripped apart, given up for lost. Quite soon you’ll learn what it feels like to be beaten up, chewed, spat out, mauled, ripped apart, given up for lost.

This is called ‘experience’ and it’s very very valuable in life, because what you mostly learn from it is that you were more afraid of what might happen that what did happen. Most successful outcomes are achieved by calling a series of unconventional bluffs.

One bright sunny morning you’ll discover that the wild unknown way you took is carpeted with moss and strewn with tiny flowers. It has become a familiar path, a well-trodden direction which has put you miles ahead of anyone else and much, much closer to achieving your once impossible dream.”